Chris Shaw Hughes completed both his BA and MFA at the University of Brighton (2005-2010) and currently works in Lancing, UK. Through painstakingly crafted paintings and drawings, Chris Shaw Hughes documents important geographical terrains and significant historical snapshots that are at once both visually arresting and thought provoking. His highly detailed work captures moments of tension that are often overexposed in the news media, and asks us to reflect on their meaning in greater depth.

Shaw Hughes’ practice is heavily engaged with methods of mechanical reproduction- using both photography and carbon paper in his current practice. Although he has previously worked using a diversity of media, the employment of carbon paper has allowed him to investigate a kind of ‘negative’ aesthetic, seen in the dark serenity of his work. In 2010, his work was selected to be part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition, which was shown at the Liverpool Biennial and at the ICA, London.

Most of the work on this site is for sale. Please contact me through email at if you are interested, or visit the Rise Art online gallery at where you can find a selection of my works for sale.